Summer league – rules re nominated order and cancellations & non arrivals

Would all team captains and players please read the rules – which are available in the squash section of the website (print a copy if you need to).
In particular please take note of the following :
nominated order :   rule 6c
Each club must complete a nomination list, which must be received by the LEAGUE Secretary BEFORE the first match of the season. Any club failing to provide such information will have all its teams penalised 5 points each week the nomination list is not furnished. Any club failing to provide the appropriate league entry fees, may forfeit all matches concerned – until all fees have been paid.
cancellations and non arrivals :  rule 10b
Any team failing to give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation to the opposing club must reimburse all out- of-pocket expenses to a maximum of £50 (i.e. court fees/food or travelling expenses as appropriate). Re- imbursement must be made within ten days and the LEAGUE SECRETARY informed of events.
penalties :  rule 9
please read this section