Winter League updated 6 Sept 23

Division 1
Duffield 1,  Duffield 2,  Burton 1,  Team Manor (to play double season)
Divison 2
Duffield 3,  Duffield 4,  Burton 2,  Ashbourne,  Alfreton,  Hood Park

First few fixtures :
Division 1
21 September 2023
Duffield 1  v  Duffield 2
Burton 1  v  Team Manor
5 October 2023
Burton 1  v  Duffield 1
Duffield 2  v  Team Manor
Division 2
28 September 2023
Duffield 3  v  Duffield 4
Burton 2  v  Ashbourne
Alfreton  v  Hood Park
12 October 2023
Burton 2  v  Duffield 3
Duffield 4  v  Alfreton
Ashbourne  v  Hood Park

Please send nominated order to League Secretary before first match. This must include correct name spelling and ES membership number and SquashLevel where appropriate.
League Rules are available on home page of matches. See rule 6 (b) and 6 (c).


Summer League & Winter League

Summer League
Division 1  –  please note matches in August are scheduled weekly.
This is to allow all fixtures to be completed before the end of season / start of winter league.

Winter League
Proposed start date will be Thursday 21 September (dependant on number of teams per division.  Fee will be £25 per team.

Teams so far : (14 August)
Burton (2),  Hood Park, Duffield (?), The Manor, Alfreton, Ashbourne
Queens Park (not sure yet?)

AGM etc

Have you submitted your nominated order to League Secretary ?

Have you paid your summer league fees to The Treasurer ?

Will you remember to send at least one representative to the AGM to be held on Wednesday 28 June 2023 at 7pm at Duffield ?

‘Any Other Business Items’ for AGM to be submitted to the League Secretary as soon as possible.

Summer League Score cards –  please submit results within 24 hours of the match.
If match has been rearranged – please let me know date change.

Missing winter league result :  23 February 2023  Burton 1 v Duffield 2.
Could someone please send this result in.  thank you.

Please make sure you have read the rules !