Summer Leagues

Division 3 : Queens Park 1 have decided to withdraw from the summer leagues. Therefore their fixtures have been removed.

Divison 4 : Fixtures updated to include Ashbourne 3. Their home match night will be Wednesday (they have 3 teams playing on the same week). Note the last two matches on Ashbourne 3 fixture list (their home matches) will have to be rearranged to be played before the winter league starts.

Summer league nominations are required before the first match ! Not all teams have submitted their nomination listing. Send to :

Please let me know if/when players change club / teams.

Junior Grand Prix – End of Season Report – 2011/12

Junior Squash Grand Prix, 2011-2012

By Helen Wilson

The Derbyshire Junior Squash Grand Prix season drew to a close with the final round being held at Brampton Manor on 22nd April. This turned out to be a record breaking event with 45 youngsters taking part.

This season a total of 59 players, 15 years of age or under, have played in the Derbyshire Jnior Squash Grand Prix events. 4 clubs from the Derbyshire area were represented, with many of the players making their first appearance at a Grand Prix event. Playing the best of 3 matches, PAR scoring to 11, the standard of squash has been very encouraging and bodes well for the future of Derbyshire squash.

John Kinirons, and family, sponsor of the junior squash GP tournaments this season, provided T-shirts to those players who played in at least 2 of the 6 GP events. Monetary donations towards providing T shirts, balls or awards are very much appreciated, and anyone interested in making a donation or being a sponsor should contact me.

Many people deserve my thanks and I apologise if I have not named you personally. Specifically though I’d like to thank Carol Wood, Junior Development Officer, Graham Hall, the Chair of Derbyshire Squash, – their support of our juniors and of me at the committee meetings is certainly very much appreciated; I’d like, on the players’ behalf, to thank their coaches, Steve across at Glossop, Lesley, Sam & Paul at Duffield, Carol at Ashbourne, Jason, Jane, Scully & John at Brampton & any others behind the scenes involved with the coaching I haven’t remembered to name!

Thanks too must also go to Andy my husband who does much of the work behind the scenes, especially the IT bits, & then big thanks to Kev Barton, whose invaluable help makes each event run as smoothly as it does, well we think they run smoothly anyway! Unless anyone has any objections, Kev & I will continue to organise the Grand Prix events next season, starting at Brampton Manor in September.

Finally, a big thank you must go to the parents, family and friends for their continued help & support, many have helped with serving drinks & food, marking matches, and generally keeping things going in the fun, light-hearted way that is the intention of these junior squash events.

In Derbyshire we have many talented youngsters and should be proud of them all. These events are merely a stepping stone towards bigger and better achievements for some and for others the Grand Prix events provide the opportunity for them to play squash at a slightly more competitive level than perhaps they are used to and they are a starting point for players to play, and enjoy, the game of squash.

For the awards, Kevin & I deliberated over for some time, but were in agreement which made it easier,

So rackets were presented to:

Most Helpful Player – Joshua Harbut.

Sportsmanship Award – Michael Quinn

The Best Newcomer Award – Isabelle Kenworthy

Most Improved – Adam Brass

Future Champion Award – Molly Tomlinson

Runner-Up of the GP Award – Ben Harvey

Winner of the Grand Prix Title – Tom Hayes

Our congratulations go to Tom for winning the event and he now joins the elite list of names on the coveted trophy that includes the likes of Joel Hinds and Phil Scully.