Winter league – information – please read – closing date today! Cannot formulate divisions and fixtures until clubs confirm entry.

Entry form for 2017-18 winter league squash and racketball available now : winter league entry form
Proposed start dates are :
Premier, 2 and 4  :   Thursday 21 September
Div 1, 3 and 5  :  Thursday 28 September
This is dependant on team entries and division format.
Closing dates for entries will be Friday 21 July.  This is to allow sufficient time for format to be finalised and fixtures to be published at least one month before the start date.

Entries so far:   (30 July)
Mens squash :   Alfreton,  Burton,  Queens Park,  Bradley House,  Hood Park,  Ashbourne,  The Manor,  Princes,  Lichfield,  Duffield,  Sandiacre Friesland ?
Ladies squash :   Burton,  Bradley House,  Rolls-Royce,  Duffield
Racketball  :  The Manor, Burton, David Lloyd, Duffield

Summer league – fixtures

Please send in any outstanding results.

Also, please reschedule any matches that may overlap with the start of the winter season (21 and 28 September) –  see earlier posting re winter league.

Rule reminder

Rule 7 :
The RESULT must be communicated to the League Secretary BEFORE 6.00pm the first Monday after the match and include the minimum details: match date, division number, teams and team points (e.g. 17-9). Communication may be by MATCH CARD, E-MAIL or if necessary TELEPHONE (see League Secretary’s details below). Note that where E-mail or telephone is used a Match Card must still be submitted in accordance with Rule 7d. Failure to communicate the RESULT in due time may result in at least a 5 point penalty.
A MATCH CARD must be submitted and completed with ALL details required including date, division number, teams and players’ names. Game scores must be CORRECTLY entered and the card signed by BOTH captains as a true record of the result of the match. Non-receipt of the MATCH CARD after a period of 28 days of the scheduled fixture date may result in a 20-0 loss against the home team.

The full rules are available on the squash page.