Match cards

There are an increasing number of instances where match cards are not being completed :

Please refer to the rules :  in particular 7d

  1. A MATCH CARD must be submitted and completed with ALL details required including date, division number, teams and players’ names. Game scores must be CORRECTLY entered and the card signed by BOTH captains as a true record of the result of the match. Non-receipt of the MATCH CARD after a period of 28 days of the scheduled fixture date may result in a 20-0 loss against the home team.

If you require a supply of official match cards, let me know.  A printable version is also available on the website.

Polite Reminder

Outstanding league fees :  there are still some clubs that have outstanding fees :
Please contact the Treasurer (Ray Patrick) to discuss
Princes,  David Lloyd,  Queens Park,  Rolls-Royce Ladies, The Manor

Reference rule 2 (e)
An ANNUAL LEAGUE ENTRY FEE to the Derbyshire Leagues will be payable for EACH TEAM prior to acceptance in the Leagues. Where a club has not paid its ANNUAL LEAGUE ENTRY FEE the DSR may apply 10 penalty points to all that Club’s team if the fee has not been paid within 3 months of falling due and expulsion from leagues if not paid within 6 months of the due date for payment.

Knock Out Cup update and outstanding results

click here for link to knock out cup   2017-18 KO Cup

Would all team captains/contacts please check their winter league/results – there are already some outstanding matches and results not been sent in.  Also need to know any rearranged dates, to update website.
Premier  –  5 October – Queens Park 1 v Princes 1
Division 1 – 26 October – Hood Park 1 v Princes 2
Division 4 – 2 November – Hood Park 3 v Duffield 8