Winter league – squash – proposed division format

Here is proposed format for mens winter league squash.  This has been done to incorporate team changes, team withdrawals and various requests.  If anyone has any strong objection, or notices any omissions etc – please let me know by end of play Wednesday 23 August.
Princes 1,  Duffield 1,  Burton 1,  The Manor 1,  Queens Park 1,  Lichfield 1
Division 1
Duffield 2,  Duffield 3,  Princes 2,  Hood Park 1,  Burton 2
Division 2
Duffield 4,  Queens Park 2,  Alfreton 1,  Duffield 5,  Burton 3
Division 3
Ashbourne 1,  Duffield 6,  Hood Park 2,  Duffield 7,  The Manor 2,  Burton 4
Division 4
Duffield 8,  Bradley House,  Hood Park 3,  Alfreton 2,  Queens Park 3,  Ashbourne 2

Draycott – team for winter league

It would appear that Draycott will not be entering the winter league.
There are now quite a few team withdrawals for the winter league – but I hope to issue the proposed division format within the next day or so.


Summer league – fixtures

Please check your fixtures – some at the end of the season need to be rearranged so they are complete before the start of the winter league.
Go to clubs section, click on the list of fixtures for your club.

Sandiacre Friesland – team for winter league

Sandiacre Friesland team would like to enter the winter league but are looking for someone to take over the running of the team.

Eric Archibald has done this job for a long time and is currently not in a position to continue (he is prepared to help in the changeover).

If anyone would like to help – please contact me :